What we are about

Texacute Billing Services was founded to offer the most comprehensive, accurate revenue cycle services in the industry. Our services cover as much of the billing process as the client requires. Our clients’ collection rates are some of the highest because of our attention to detail at every stage of the revenue cycle.

At Texacute, our medical billing team works together with our customer support team. This allows for maximum efficiency and best-practice customer service. When clients call with questions, they’re quickly connected to an articulate member of our billing staff with personal knowledge of their respective account or needs.

Our focus is client driven. We are not here to cut costs, but to make your practice more profitable. It shouldn’t be so hard to get paid. With the highest professional level of expertise, we strive to make sure you are getting the reimbursements that you deserve.  You take care of the patients and we take care of the rest.

Just know, your billing is properly executed with Texacute!