Family Owned and Operated

Committed to Your Satisfaction


Nikki Ottesen


9 Years of Experience

Nikki is one of the three founders of Texacute Billing Services, LLC.   She has a handsome son and loves spending time with her family.  She also Co-owns a towing company, so she understand what it takes to run a successful business.  She has over 9 years of experience in performing full revenue cycle management services in healthcare and over 13 years of management and customer services experience.  Nikki is known for being a "Bulldog," on her accounts.  Her analytical expertise and management skills has lead her to work with the very highest reputable and revenue accounts with her past experience employers.  One account she handled totaling over $4.5 million dollars in revenue a month, by herself.  Nikki's ambition is fueled by her family's strong willed guidance.  Being raised by a single mother of five kids, who did anything in her power to make sure her kids were her priority, and well taken care of.  Nikki learned that it only takes that one person to show the world that she can succeed in all that she does, with all that she is today, having that strength to keep striving for more will help our clients to grow and succeed.

Sheri Armstrong


15 + Years of Experience

Sheri is one of three founders of Texacute Billing Services, LLC.   She is a wonderful loving wife, mother of one beautiful girl, and three handsome boys. She is also a grandmother of 5 beautiful grandchildren.  Her love and dedication to her wonderful family, is the exact same treatment she likes to give to her clients.  With over 15 plus years of experience  in  billing services performing full revenue cycle management of all specialties, including being a dental office manager for the past 10 years, has given her a strong stability in customer service, management, and the passion she has for all her clients.  Sheri will always go the extra mile to meet anyone's needs, being very proactive, and is a master at multitasking.   Everything Sheri has done has led her to where she is today, a owner of a very experienced, reputable billing company, whom will always go the extra mile for any of our clients needs.

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Kristina Ottesen


15 Years of Experience

Kristina is one of three founders of Texacute Billing Services, LLC.   She graduated from medical assisting school and also turned around receiving her business associates degree.  She is soon to be a certified medical billing coder. With 15 years of billing experience in a wide variety of different specialties, beginning at entry-level billing, moving to management, overseeing a complete software platform with revenue cycle management, and development. She continues to be a dedicated leader in her field.  Her management, as well as hands on training experience to her staff, shows her dedication to her clientele success.  She continues to always pride herself on meeting each individual client's needs and requests.  Kristina's passion and dedication towards your success all comes from how she was raised.  She grew up in Garland, Texas  being one of five siblings raised by her strong willed and most dedicated loving single mother; who taught her to never give up or settle for less.  Kristina now has two beautiful  baby girls, and a step daughter to teach the same too.  Leadership, Quality, and Passion is what drives her success.